Noisey - A simple, static web-based soundboard generator

After going through a few ideas of simple projects to start out with to get some experience with NodeJS, I picked a soundboard application as a good place to start. Now, while it was certainly possible to make it more dynamic which I may add as an option later, I wanted something extremely portable at least initially. For example, use on a tablet that is not connected to the internet, or from a browser on a desktop I simply didn't want to run node on. Currently, it will process a folder with subfolders containing wav and mp3 samples and output a page with the required resources to open in any modern browser.

Noisey, the name I ended up choosing is hosted on github and is free for anyone to use. Feel free to drop in the issues section as I'm always looking to find ways to improve going forward. If you would like to check out the demo there is one currently hosted on the Noisey project page. I'll be sure to add more details here as the project progresses.

Thanks for reading!


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