King County Metro runs Linux

Today at the RapidRide northbound stop at 4th and Pike I saw something a bit different on the realtime schedule.

Linutop in the wild

The digital sign appears to be running Linutop Kiosk, a customized version of Xubuntu optimized for deployments such as this one. I'm not sure what happened here. Perhaps someone remoted in and forgot to fullscreen Firefox again?

Anyhow, it was a cool thing to see, so heres a couple more pictures of it! Better than a kernel panic any day.

Part of the screen along with the orca card reader

A full pic of the digital signage running Linutop

UPDATE: Chris Fisher on the Linux Action Show episode number 337 dug a little deeper and it looks like the taskbar has been visible from the very beginning. Be sure to check out the rest of the episode from the folks over at Jupiter Broadcasting!


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